mo saw a documentary on a forest area on the Dalmatian coast, now Croatia, where there are all these waterfalls and an abundance of wildlife including the european wildcat !  mo’s grandparents are from that part of the world !!  The mountain in the background is styled after Saddleback which can be seen from all over Orange County, California. mo  spent many mornings in the early dawn light bike riding the foothills of Saddleback.  The birch trees behind the wallaby are like the one’s from mo’s yard when she lived outside Chicago.  The windsock . . . touches on the skydiving roots which helped mo save up money to move to San Francisco and go to art school !!!


mo’s goal was to capture the dawning light she experienced on bike rides and climbing trips.  Light that has a yellow haze while the shadows are still cool and dark.   This one she worked on as part of the original seven for her masters project and remains one of her favorite originals.

ENVIRONMENT:   the wake of a new day (dawn light) at the waterfalls


rock wallaby / willard / whimsically / wanders /

                           wondering / watch

walrus / wally / waterfall / whistling / whistle  


european wildcat (climbing tree)

willie wagtail (bird in tree)

fairy wren (bird in tree)

grey wagtail (bird in waterlilies below willard)

weasel / wrench

water buffalo / water  

wild boar / weeping willow tree  

wart hog / wagon  

white-faced whistling duck

wood duck

wandering albatross / whiffle bat  

whales / orcas  

western grebes / wedding couple  / wedding veil  

pileated woodpecker

wood mouse

water shrew

OBJECTs in van:

whiffle ball


westward wind

Where do you think the wedding took place ?

Are the wood mouse and water shrew waterfall surfing or wakeboarding on those water lily pads ?

Who pitched the whiffle ball ?

How can you tell there is a wind ?

Why is it westward ?



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A  B   C   D   E   F   G   H  I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   XYZ


The movement of the willow is blowing to the west as is the windsock .

Which way is the west ?

Where is the light coming from ?  It is dawn and the sun rises in the . . .