ENVIRONMENT:  gazebo with golf course behind


The closest thing to a personal story was . . is . . . using an orangutan as the great ape !  Orangutans (mo’s logo) and gorillas are mo’s favorite !!  Good thing they are GREAT apes !!!  Oh and the four leaf clovers !!  For the irish in both.   While growing up mo used to search for them in the yard.

   OBJECTs in and around gazebo



    gardening tools

    grapes / grapevines /

    goat willow (pussy willows)

    grass / good luck (4-leaf clovers)



    gingko leaves

    gaslamp / gaslight / globe

    golf ball

    (at the feet of the young gorilla)

   OBJECTs in background: 


    golf clubs / golf bag / game

    gingko tree

    guava trees (behind gaslamp)

    gingko tree




in gazebo / all greeting /  some grinning

       gibbon (has a grip as he hangs there) / glass

       gorillas (3 one outside)


       grey squirrel (1 gazing up at the chimpanzee)

       great blue heron

       guinea pig (in front of the green guava design gift bag)

       golden potto (in front of the front gorilla)


on gazebo


       de brazza guenon / glasses / guitar

       guianan cock-of-the-rock (bird pulling string of gyro)

around gazebo

       giraffe / gabby / gracious

       great ape orangutan /georgia / gentle / gift / girl /

                                                 gift wrap   

       gardenia (on top gift box)

       lesser spotted guenon (on gabby)

       purple gullinule (#2 on orange campy)   

       guava skipper / butterfly gliding by

       green jay (above georgia + another grey squirrel)

       great coucal (crowpheasant) / gallery row sign

hanging out on the golf course

               gemsbok / oryx

               golden tamarin


               gentoo penguin

               galapagos tortoise

Is the young gorilla a greeter ? 

Are any of the animals gazing ?  Is there a glance ?

Not easy to capture in one frame but a story is another  . . .

Is the goat grazing there under the grapevines ??  

Is this a gathering of friends ?  a group ? a gang ?  a gaggle ?  no they are not geese . . . silly me !!



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