departure time board

doors / door hinge / doorknob / doorstep

decorative dish

decanter with daisies (decorative vase)

dual duffle bags with diagonal stripes + dots




dandelions in the  dihedral sifaka hands

drawing pencil / drawing tool

drawing pad (sketchbook)

drawing paper



The old train depot is inspired by the old train station in Danville, CA which mo use to ride by on her bike while in art school.  The duck is drawing in a sketchbook . . . hmm . . . artiste ??  PLUS mo use to take BAR T in the bay area and was always sketching at the station as well as on the train “that is where i really developed my animal skills.”   Oh ding dings !!  Growing up in the midwest it is what the McGee’s called train signals because of the sound they make !!


white-faced whistling duck / draws /

douglas / devious / doodles

african painted dog  / hunting dog /

danny / delighted

dwarf hamster (on front duffle bag)

dormouse (on front duffle bag handle)

dunnart (on back duffle bag)


dhole (coming out of depot)

dingo (in ticket window)

de brazza guenon / doctors bag  

diademed sifaka (on doorstep by employee entrance)

tasmanian devil (with de brazza monkey)

dalmatian dog

diana monkey (behind duffle bags)

dove (atop donut stand sign)

dragon lizard  (no donuts but a lizard !!)


depot / danville (city of) / desert / deck / distant hills / dawn / donut stand / dan’s devilish donut shop /

So is the dingo giving directions to the dalmatian ? 

Is Danny going to start drooling since Douglas is teasing him with drawings of donuts and there are none to be had ?? 

Where are the couples = doubles = dynamic duos . . .

the dynamic duo (not so obvious in a small drawing) 


dunnarts  (one is in the arms of the diana monkey and one in the back duffle bag ! )



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