First insight is  the manatee !  Lauren has adopted a manatee named ‘Howie’ since the age of 9.  Manty was the name of her first stuffed manatee !!  Monty happens to be the name of one of her other manatee toys.  The marbles game is from the toy store mo worked at while getting her mfa.  The p-51 is one of mo’s favorites !!

ENVIRONMENT:  takes place in the moat and at  ‘moat park‘  with a marina off in the

                            distance !!


manatee / manty /marbles / moat / mild-mannered

mongoose / monty / mangy / mockingly / mocks / moves /

                     messed up the marbles / motioning

minnow (2) / moat / 2 = multiples

mudskippers / mound of rocks

mudhens / mask /

mute swan (‘ugly duckling’ to the very right in the moat)

many monkeys:

     japanese macaque

     guenon + lion-tailed macaque / mandarin orange muffin

     pygmy marmoset / ‘marine museum’ sign / mule ears (flowers)

mouse / mandarin orange / milk

monarch butterfly

moon moth

mandarin rat snake / ‘moat park’ sign / main entrance

frilled monarch (bird)

mariachi band / music / maned wolf + mountain lion + mandrill

hoary marmot / magnifying glass / mushroom

muskrat / radio controlled model p-51 mustang / maneuver

mot mot (bird in madrone tree)

meerkats / maypole


playing mat (marbles)

mustard jar

mayonnaise jar

watermelon (melon)


masts (on the sailboats)

How many multiples are there pictured ?

Are the meerkats ‘mates’ ?  How about the monkeys ?  Or Manty and Monty ?

How about storytelling with the words more + movement ?

This landscape illustration is a great to use the term ‘mid-ground’ as well as background and foreground !!

Where else has there been a picnic ?  a mayonnaise jar ?



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