Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The catwalk very  appropriate for cats !!  But both  Lauren and her brother did a couple fashion shows when they were little !  Oh and caracals even though one is tripping (clumsy) are the most acrobatic of the african cats !!!


This is the second of 3 interiors if we are working from A.  This was a lot of fun to create because the whole cafe was designed by mo.  From the chandelier to the crooked cups to the castle mural.



cafe / cabaret / catwalk / castle mural (with carriage) / creative artsy cafe / cave or curved hole (mouse hole) / coffee house



               confident / coats / corn / coins /

               checkered collar / circles  / cross back straps

               on green coat / clumsy / couple ( there are 2 ! )


least chipmunks / couple /

cormorant (on rack)

chinchilla (in curtain folds)

colobus monkey (atop chair)

camel / bartender

civet (at table)

cavy (at table)

cougar (back by window)

capybara (by catwalk)

king cobra (by catwalk)

OBJECTs in the CAFE:

crown chandelier / candles / carrot pull / chain

cloud mural  (behind bar)

curvy crooked clock

cups + creamer

crooked ceramics

crooked cactus coffee pot

coffee tables and chairs

candy on the counter

curl decor on window

behind the curtains:

coat rack / chapeau / cape / cloak

coats / collar / cuff / couture

cat chair with claws

reds:   used crimson + cardinal red


candy cane walking cane


We listed ‘clumsy’ as one of the caracals descriptions but they are actually the most acrobatic of the african cats !!  He may pull that tumble out with a perfect somersault !!   Caracals are known to bring down more than one bird in a single leap . . . perhaps the cormorant swooped him moments before  !!  Does the cormorant have a mischievous look on his face ??

Why is the caracal falling ? 



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